Hello out there Survival Enthusiasts! Welcome to this issue of Survival Quarterly Magazine – “Survival Camping!

Remember that YOU control your destiny and the fact that you are reading this issue right now is proof that you are doing your due diligence and seeking out the important information and skills needed to survive.

Survival is all about having a good knowledge base, being skilled in the skills needed for your wilderness or urban experience, and of course having a good and positive attitude. It is also important to practice these skills so you “own” them. “Knowing” them and “owning” them are two completely different animals! This is one of the many reasons Ron and I started our video series and this magazine. To teach you skills, encourage you to try new things and give you the knowledge it takes to survive. You now need to do a little “Survival Camping” to practice these skills!

You’ll never find me saying “I know all there is to know about survival.” I have met so many people like this – especially at trade shows. Booorrriing! I am soooo unnnninterested in that mindset! Having a closed mindset is BAD FORM when it comes to survival. I find that our most successful students and most competent and successful survival instructors come equipped with an “open mind.” It is my belief that until the day I die, I will be a student of the wilderness and of the world! There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t learn something new.

You will see in this issue that one of the running themes in this issue is to practice your skills BEFORE you need them. That’s the essence of the meaning of the issue theme “Survival Camping.” There’s a lot to learn from our over 30 DVD titles. Hopefully this issue will encourage you to try some of your Survival Skills out next time you go on a camping trip or just a trip to the park.

Also as SQ Author Dave Williams states in his opening article – try to attend outings in your area and meet like-minded people. It’s fun! You will be surprised at the fun people you will meet and how great it is to have some “hands on” wilderness instruction and time! There are 4 gatherings in particular that I recommend because I know the people who put them on and some are authors for SQ Mag. I recommend E.O.T.W., Rabbitstick, Woodsmoke, Winter Count and Between the Rivers. Look them up on the computer and check them out!

Also one last thing I recommend to expand your survival knowledge is to check out our Hoodlums Online Forum at www.hoodswoods.net/IVB. We have over 8,000 members and many very knowledgeable field professionals who participate in this forum that Ron and I started many years ago as a complement to our DVD instruction. This is your formal invitation from me to you to step on in and join our virtual campfire and join in our Hoodlum Community to start or expand your survival dialogue.
Enjoy the read! Enjoy life! It’s too short!

God Bless!

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Volume 4: Issue 1