I have such fond memories as a child camping with my family. There was no TV or Phones getting in the way. Dad didn’t have to go outside to mow the lawn or some other mundane chore and Mom could just fish with me instead of clean the house and cook! It was real quality time. This issue is dedicated to the families out there who always say “We should go camping this summer” and rarely or, worse yet, never do. Maybe it will help motivate you to explore the wilderness with your family.

Some people say “The gear is too expensive to go camping.” This is just not the case. I lend my camping gear out to friends and family all the time. Additionally there are places that rent out tents, etc. So it’s a good idea to check out your local listings in your area before you go and buy anything. Second hand stores are a great place to buy things as well. Just like everything in survival – think about it and use your resources.

The memories from family camping trips last a lifetime! Our experience is proof of that. While I have so many camping memories from my years with Ron that I cherish, my son’s time with his daddy was unexpectedly cut short at the young age of 7 years old. Those family memories are the ones I cherish the most. It makes me sad when I think about it. Really sad… for my son. But you know what? At least we went camping. And we have loads of precious memories from those experiences. I don’t sit around and say “Hey Jesse, remember that time we were sitting in the office and the phone rang???” Noooo. We say, “Remember when you and daddy and I went camping and you caught all those frogs??? Remember when you caught that fish and daddy showed you how to cook it? That was the first time you ever tried fish! And you LIKED it!!!” Those are the kinds of things that are notable memories and it is worth your while to get out there and enjoy your life.

One of the sayings I always think of is “No one ever says on their deathbed that they wished they spent more time in the office or in front of the TV!” It’s true, baby!

As usual this issue contains a study guide for the DVD we made to help families get out there and camp. It’s called WoodsMaster, Vol 21 Family Camping. We made this DVD with the intent to help not only novices get out there and camp with their families, but for the seasoned camper as well. There’s something in this DVD (and magazine!) for everyone!

Please do yourself and your family a favor. Make this spring and summer the time you say, “enough procrastinating!” Get out there and make some quality, wholesome, fun and sometimes miserable memories! Get out there and enjoy this beautiful earth we are blessed with! You won’t be sorry!

God Bless!

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Volume 3: Issue 4