Once In a Life Time Opportunity to Witness The Colorful Pushkar Fair in an Innovative Way

India is the land of mysteries and one of the most vibrant nations in the world that is rich in history and culture. The most colorful event of the country is the fairs and festivals that take place in its different cities. One such fair that is popular all over India is the Pushkar Fair that takes place in the royal land of Rajasthan. How about an innovative way to see this festival from above the sky? Watching this festival from above the sky on a hot air balloon is once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the travelers to witness a perfect amalgamation of color, carnival and traditional meals here.

Pushkar is a popular pilgrimage site for Hindus that is known for possessing over 400 temples. The city also features the one and only temple in India dedicated to the Hindu God of Creation – Brahma. Surrounded by the peaks on the three sides and deserts on the other side, the city becomes an ultimate location for the camel fair. One of the main events taking place here is the Pushkar fair that occurs in the month of November during KartikPurnima. Farmer’s, traders, and villagers from different parts of Rajasthan come all the way for a camel trading.

There are various other cultural activities that make this event successful. People from all over India come every year to witness these events in Rajasthan. Those who love shopping can explore the fair for various ornaments, accessories and traditional apparels. On this particular day, there are various amusement activities where you can indulge in during Pushkar fair those incudes cultural and recreational activities.

The highlight of the fair is the camel races and camel beauty contest. The camel that is decorated beautifully wins the contest. Camel’s intelligence and strength is also tested on this particular day. If the camel is loyal enough to follow all the command of his master he is awarded for being the most intelligent one. Strength is tested by piling as many people as possible onto the back of a camel and the one who successfully carries is the strongest

For a memorable experience participate in various fun and amusing activities. Enjoy the traditional music and dance performed by the local artist of Rajasthan. The entire view of the Pushkar fair is mesmerizing. Decked up camels, colorful shops, finger licking Rajasthan food and music boost up the attraction of this place during the fair. Visitors can enjoy here many fascinating and adventurous activities that also include a hot air balloon flights. During the Pushkar visit by hot air balloon they can witness exhilarating scene from above in comfort and style.

If you are planning a tour to Rajasthan to witness the colorful event of Pushkar make sure you get the best accommodation facility. There are various, luxury travelers you choose to stay in a resorts and deluxe hotel. Budget travelers can opt for Ashram, which is cheap and affordable. It is advisable to make a prior reservation of hotel online.