Found a Travel Partner? 15 Mistakes To Avoid

Travel Partner Mistakes

First of all, I am sorry for not being active, I had a lot of things going on in life which kept me busy all the while, here I thought its good to start with mistakes that you can avoid for a better travel life.

We all love traveling! Whether its solo, backpacking, luxury or with friends, don’t you?

I am unrolling a list of mistakes I made, when travelling with a travel partner and its based on ‘True Events

The struggle was real, I wanted to get out of that hotel I shared, and I so wanted to jump out of that car ride, it was like “Out of the ashes and into the fire”, however, the brighter side of this trip was I had met some of the most amazing people and the places that I visited were extremely beautiful.

Checklist For Travel Partner: That you cant miss!

That day, I thought I will go back to home and write about it so you can avoid such mistakes. This was the trip that I booked at the last minute and ended up in a mess with my travel partner. These hacks will help you if you are planning a long trip with a mate or a pal.

  1. Don’t get excited about sharing the trip with someone you might know.
  2. Never share your personal information, unless you find that personal connection with your travel partner.
  3. Plan your trip schedule and share it with your mate or group.
  4. Write the destination names that you want to visit, so you dont miss any.
  5. If you are a luxury traveler, book a separate room for yourself.
  6. If you like to get that perfect shot, then you’ll not like to be rushed by your travel partner.
  7. **Ensure, all the bookings or expenses are discussed beforehand. I ended up paying more for a bad trip.
  8. Unless it’s your best friend, it’s always better that you know a little about your travel partner before you travel.
  9. Plan your days and places that you want to visit ahead, so there isn’t any confusion.
  10. Always discuss if you wish to pay all your bills together or you want to just pay for yourself(A lot of others think its OK, the point is to clear out the unnecessary confusion than just nodding for everything)
  11. Take enough camera batteries or charges for yourself, so you don’t run out on them, and end up in an awkward scene of sharing resources.
  12. If you are an introvert and don’t like tagging along with your travel partner everywhere let them know before, about your travel style.

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Your Life Saviour Tips: Look

  1. If your trip isn’t going the way you planned it with your travel partner, sort it out and if that doesn’t work too, be brave and cancel out the plan and go solo.
  2. Be Yourself no matter how your travel partners are in the group.
  3. Don’t let someone judge you with their small brains.

(You can always tell them that they are Pigs) Haha!

I end my list here, let me know what do you think about it and please add if you have more experiences or points that I should add here.