10 Easy Tips To Make Your Trip Worthwhile!

10 Easy Tips To Make Your Trip Worthwhile!

By becoming a conscious traveller, you will become aware of your impact and you will make decisions that support the environment and its people rather than deteriorate it. Here are a few tips to keep you aware on your travels:

1. Choose a green/responsible hotel to stay in.

This will require you to do some research before your travels, but it will be worth your while. Alternatively, connect with Gaia, and we will ensure that you choose a hotel that aims to improve sustainability, invest in natural resource management, and is doing everything they can to live in harmony with their fragile surroundings.

2. Recycle

Respect the environment that you are in and minimize the presence of waste. Try to maintain a healthy balance in the ecology of the planet.

3. Do not waste water or electricty

When leaving your accommodation, remember to switch off your lights and the aircon. Try to reuse towels and ask the hotel not to change your bedsheets everyday if it is not necessary.

4. Use sustainable modes of transport.

Walk, bike, or make use of public transport as much as possible. Try to reduce your carbon emissions by using modes of transport that reduce your impact on the environment, and while doing so, you will get to see more of your surroundings and interact with the local people and their culture.

5. Give good tips.

This will highly depend on the country that you are in, but in some countries tips are the only source of income for some people.

6. Shop local produce.

Show support for the community that is inviting you in by giving back to them. This will also enhance your cultural experience.

7. Refrain from bargaining.

Everybody loves a good bargain, but when choosing to shop in the local markets, try to remember that the people are working to support their families and the community.

8. Respect the local culture.

Treat others how you would expect to be treated. Be respectful of the cultural differences that you might encounter, and embrace them, gamis modern. This will require you to do some research on the DO’s and DON’T’s before your trip. This will allow you to encounter your destination in a truly authentic way.

9. Drink responsibly.

For some cultures, drinking is not part of their tradition.

10. Consider volunteering opportunities. If you are looking to form a deeper connection with a country and its people, the easiest way to form a bond is through volunteer work. Actions speak louder than words, and the locals will appreciate your genuine interest in their country, their culture, and the day to day problems that they face.