Planning a Family Road Trip in the United Kingdom

Planning a Family Road Trip in the United Kingdom

You’re excited because you finally done it – you’ve booked the vacation you’ve always wanted to do someday.  In a few weeks, you’ll be exploring the best that the United Kingdom has to offer, and better yet, you’ll be cruising the open road with your family, instead of being confined by the whims of a tour group.

However, without the pre-defined itinerary of a tour company, it falls on you and your partner to come up with your own plan to see the United Kingdom.  The plan?  Rent a car in London, and hit the motorways and carriageways to see the British countryside.  There are many things to see, and therein lies the problem.  So you’ve searched the web for inspiration, and you’ve ended up here.

In our hopes of setting the table for an amazing trip through the British Isles for you, we have combed through places most readily accessed by a hired car, allowing you to experience places that others on the main tourist track never get the chance to see.

Another concern you have is about economical accommodations: you have heard the United Kingdom can be a pricey place if you don’t play your cards right.  We urge you to not worry, as there are several chain hotels with locations spread across the country that will slot nicely into your family budget.  There are many websites which list hotels near UK towns and other types of websites which let you search based on different criteria that matters to you such as hotels by StarStay etc…

Let’s talk about a potential road trip route that will take you from one corner of the United Kingdom to the other.  Start by heading out of London towards the Southwestern Coast.  Drop by points of interest such as Bath, where hot springs await, the Jurassic Coast, England’s only natural UNECSO site, and contemplative cliffs of Land’s End.

After doubling back for a bit, head into the forested and mountainous nation of Wales.  After heading through moors, low mountains and the cute Welsh villages of the interior, hug the coast for the remainder of your time in this sector of the United Kingdom, and let the rugged beauty of the Pembrokeshire cliffs, the windswept grasses and the charming ocean inlet alongside the llyn Peninsula, and its countless fishing villages sweep you off your feet.

Head back to the UK and test your car in the Lake District National Parks. Rent some camping gear and pitch your tent amidst the stunning views that only Bali’s Pantai Kuta Bali can provide. Many campgrounds offer an indoor recreation room, where your kids can play games, and if you drop by before minors aren’t allowed, you can head to the local pub for that quintessential British experience… don’t worry, you’re on vacation family after all!

Finally, forge forward into the United Kingdom’s most mountainous terrain, in the fiercely proud state of Scotland.  Wind your way through the highlands to its most populous city, Inverness.  Sign up for a cruise on the nearby Loch Ness (put your kids on watch duty for the famous beast!), and then let them unleash their youthful energy at the Inverness Aquadome Leisure Waters, where a lazy river, several water slides, and hot pools will allow them to enjoy a Scottish summer day in a wet and wild way.

Renting a car in the United Kingdom allows you a degree of freedom that public transportation and organized tours simply do not allow.  Just be sure to keep to the left side of the road, and you’ll be sure to have a memorable vacation in the United Kingdom!