More Good Days are Coming to Manchester

More Good Days are Coming to Manchester

We think it’s time for Manchester businesses to enjoy More Good Days. Let’s inspire and celebrate success, explore new opportunities and improve the working day for everyone!

Here’s What’s in Store to Help You Have More Good Days

Share a Good Day – and win another!

Because we understand that the morning commute can ruin a good day before it’s even started, our Good Days Squad will be at Manchester Piccadilly Station on Monday 6th March handing out FREE chocolate. Read the wrapper to find out how you can win even More Good Days (in case you throw away the wrapper in hurry to get to the chocolate, we’ve put all the details below too).

Too often we forget to recognise or celebrate success at work, from completing a big project, winning a new customer or finally ticking off a job on your to do list which has been there for weeks! So we want to hear all about your good days at work. Share them with us on Twitter by using #MoreGoodDaysAtWork and tagging in your business for a chance to win FREE advertising* for your company on the Manchester Media Wall – the city’s largest full-motion digital screen – or FREE coffee and cakes** for your whole team from our Good Days Squad barista.

Inspire & learn:

Workplace annoyances might seem insignificant in isolation, but – combined – they add up to a lot of lost working time. This is a big issue for the UK as it currently sits 7th in the G7 and 17th in the G20 on productivity per person, showing that these distractions could be causing a big impact.

Keep an eye out in March for our recommendations on how smarter use of technology could help the UK close this gap and a move up in the rankings.

We’ll also be sponsoring and getting involved in pro-manchester’s Hot Topic events, taking a look at how you can ‘Transform Your Business Through Innovation’ on the 1st March and discussing ways in which Virtual Reality is being adopted by businesses on 6th March. We’ll also be joining the panel during Digital Disruption to discuss what Artificial Intelligence and Robots mean for businesses in the future.

Our exclusive Inspire: Manchester17 event is taking place from 6pm on Monday 3rd April at The Lowry Hotel, where we look forward to welcoming Manchester businesses. During the evening we will be exploring what it takes to create a good day at work, from technology and connectivity to sheer perseverance. We’ll also be joined by Olympic legend, Sir Steve Redgrave who will discuss the daily dedication it takes to reach the top and share his Ultimate Good Day At Work.