Italy – Endless Marvelous Romance

Italy Romance Marvelous

Italy with Rome like Capital city has been cradle and leader in religious and political centre of Western civilization in Europe. Do you love art or have ever dream to see great masterpieces of architecture, painting and sculpture? Do you love learning about history great food and want to meet people full with life? Do you enjoy a land loaded with romance? I am sure that the journey to Italy will be perfect for you.

From the time of Roman Empire and before, even today Italy was always country of growing and sharing her artistic ideas to the rest of the world. Many kings through history were taking example of her architecture and call artist from Italy to implement their artistic skills. The best crystal is still made handmade from Italy.

Italy has Something for Everyone

You can visit historic Rome, Vatican City and explore the beauties of Genoa. You can stand before the Leaning Tower of Pisa and you will be charmed by the beauty and romance of Venice Fun Tripper. In Italy you will see the birth place of renaissance in Florence. The ideal beaches all over the coast of Italy, Sicilia and Sardinia islands will fulfill your dream about perfect holiday. If you like to know for Italy Wikipedia and Wikitravel are giving all information.

Places In Italy that you should visit are: Roman Colosseum, Amalfi Coast, Santa Lucia – Jade Mountain, Florence Cathedral, St. Peter`s Basilica, Vatican, Roman Forum, Trevi Fountain, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Pantheon-Rome, Lake Como, Uffizi Gallery, St. Mark`s Square, Spanish Steps, Venice, Grand Canal-Venice, Sistine Chapel, Milan Cathedral, Dodge`s Palace, Mount Vesuvius & Pompeii, David-Michelangelo, Mount Etna, Palatine Hill, Saturnia, Genoa, Italy Ski Resorts, Royal Palace at Caserta and more about places to visit you can see on Italian Tourism Official Site.