Top Destinations In Vietnam For Valentine’s Day And Vietnam Honeymoon Tours

Top Destinations In Vietnam For Valentine's Day And Vietnam Honeymoon Tours

If you find yourself wondering destination for Valentine’s Day and Vietnam Honeymoon Tours, the interesting suggestions below will help make a Smart Choice…

If you find yourself wondering destination for Valentine’s Day and Vietnam Honeymoon Tours, the interesting suggestions below will help make a Smart Choice.


The melodious music, the red roses, along with a glass of wine Champgane charming romantic moment for a wonderful holiday beside the love in Sapa, which is what all lovers dream. Tours to Sapa, please share with the sweetest moment in the ideal space of love to enjoy the most romantic moments in the show “Destination couple of” cold in Sapa with the soil real sky romantic for Valentine’s Day unforgettable.

Earth endowed Sapa a fanciful scene, at the time hidden in dense fog, just spectacular, just dreaming like a giant hanging gardens, hanging blue sky. Sapa’s cold mist, mountains and forests of the night so people want to look for grilled corn, potatoes back to warm love.

Sapa is home to many beautiful landscapes. The beauty of Sapa is the unspoiled beauty that charmed visitors with Ham Rong Mountain where heaven and earth meet, there is unfortunately not hide her rock dreams, under the dim light flickering. Go here to enjoy not only the scenery of earth and sky, but also enjoy the fresh air of Sa Pa air. Go Cat Cat, Ta Phin to understand the unique culture of ethnic highlands, to Cau famous bridge spanning the river by rope Muong Hoa Sweaters with billowing fog rolls from line Muong Hoa Cau cover up a majestic landscapes and poetic, here you can drop two hearts to the voice murmuring streams like the tones of lyrical and melodious notes of love.

Do not forget to Sapa Two to Silver Falls, Silver Falls This waterfall poured from a height of more than 100m from the summit down. Silver Falls at the foot of the sky to look at the vast land and majestic mountain ranges and equally poetic, the two of you will feel the immense grandeur of nature, or Rose Valley with million roses instead of words love, white plum blossom apricot rather gentle gestures for each other couple. What could be sweeter than a kiss between partners is given a rose garden filled with colors of love. From the rose garden overlooking the valley Lao Chai with terraced fields, scenery was not to be for anything other than painting. Sapa will give you a memorable Valentine’s Day in life with the beauty of a typical Northwest.

Da Lat

Dalat scenery always characterized romantic touches the hearts of those who have been loved. Complexion mist, pineal loss conceptualist rolling hillside, the spring cherry blossom everywhere. Feeling spring colors like pink cheeks Da Lat plateau woman. Colder air makes the country’s best flowers more fog… charming Dalat Travel in space lush spring tension, make sure the love of two people as more enduring, happy…

Coming to the city of love, you will feel the poetic beauty and romantic place here: Domain de Marie church, garden City, King Bao Dai palace – where the last emperor of Vietnam feudal dynasties Men used to live and work, love Valley, visit Mimosa hill, valley Hundred Years, conquering mountains Langbian…

Valley of Love is considered a paradise for couples. Valentine’s Day may be the same person you love walking holding hands to feel the warmth of love between soil freezing air and give each other sweet kisses.

Beauty of Da Lat is also much praise and attracts tourists by the hundreds, thousands of flowers, orchids, unique, or are produced separately on this land: roses, immortal, azalea, fireworks flower identification, flower ideas, flower tea mi, mi – tissue – skin, apricot cherry, white narcissus flowers… this will add flavor to honor your love Valentine’s day.

Da Lat has a tourist destination especially resting. It was the first tourist hotel in Dalat was built from 1907 – bungalow named Lake hotels ( Hotel du Lac ). With good food and the special gift that hotel for couples Valentin will make your day truly special. Today, visitors to Dalat will feel there is a very poetic architecture, splendid past but discreet villas nestled in tree leaves or is covered brilliantly by a forest of flowers. In addition, couples can ride horses around Xuan Huong lake, enjoy the taste of coffee at the restaurant plateau gracefully under cool weather here. The road curved, the shady pines and lush green gardens temperate enough to lull your soul on open communication.

Top Destinations In Vietnam For Valentine's Day And Vietnam Honeymoon Tours

Nha Trang

If you like Da Lat is full of romantic destinations, the beaches of Nha Trang is a chance to double you get the exciting experience with the world of white sand and blue sea aquarium immense. At one time to know, to feel the natural beauty of Vietnam’s beautiful, to feel rich, wealthy beach Vietnam ” forest gold silver sea “… and feel the breath of love between the vast white sand.

This is the ideal place for lovers want to enjoy Valentine’s Day appeal, novelty. Also around coastal city by bike night sometimes, enjoy lunch at the Food Village, the couple will have moments of fun and exciting games such as action thrills: Return tumbling, wooden carousel horses, rocking turning elephant. The static game like roller coasters, race cars, space exploration, skiing, surfing… soak in the hot mud. Back together footage of colorful coral reefs, the fish swim around in the sea water rise in green. The ravishing sunset and share the happiness of sweet cake flavored with wine drunk surge.

Walking hand in hand oceanarium immense world, sometimes you will feel the love become more sustainable to overcome the anxieties of life…

After hours of sightseeing, exploring the beautiful scenery, the pair can relax together with a mud bath services, Steam bath, Sauna, swimming pool… and taking the romantic dinner with flowers, candles and wines. This space will be promising romantic moment together, helping more sublimated love of this special day.

Ha Long

Ha Long Bay is the ideal destination for couples looking for romantic places to warm passionate love of their own. Halong already attracts tourists but now the four natural heritage as world attention more because this is the brightest candidates in the list voted new 7 natural wonders of the world. Every spring in, tourists often choose Halong is a need in the travel itinerary to enjoy the beauty of their homeland. What could be more exciting when both enjoying a romantic dinner on the train, relax and watch the sea at night Titop famous beaches.

In the early morning mist in the villages, as sinking in the Gulf of dew. The dream – like feeling, making a harmony of heaven and earth. The cold of the North will make two hearts closer together closely to deliver the warmth of love will make you the dawn of the romantic beginnings.

Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc offers taste of salty sea breezes and the sound of the abundance of the waves pounding the shore. You can drop heart on white sand beaches and watch the sunset over the sea and enjoy the most romantic moments dedicated to two people.

The boat gently couples to Ham Ninh fishing village, spring, spring hiking in Painting, Su Muon Pagoda Tour, taking sightseeing Dinh Cau, South Island, An Thoi, Phu Quoc prison relic, basis cultured pearls, swimming at beaches Stars – where white sand and beautiful Phu Quoc. Reverberation will leave this place in your heart for an unforgettable imprint.