Skydiving: The New Leisure Of Extreme Sports

Could you imagine the experiences of humans three hundred years ago? If it ever crossed their minds from some miracle of imagination, where they saw someone jumping out of an airplane and landing on the ground with a parachute on, they would see this as either an act of the devil, or some futuristic alien race that had defied gravity and was now dumb enough to test it. In this article, we will discuss what the term skydiving is, and how it is actually done to provide both a thrilling experience and the best security for the customer.

Skydiving has been the most common term to describe parachuting because it literally is a dive from the sky. Parachuting has evolved from the first time it was tested by its inventor Andre Garnerin in 1797. His parachute was nothing like the ones we use today since his was not inside of a pack and was already deployed as he jumped. His first jump was done from a balloon at approximately three thousand feet.

The act of skydiving today involves a process that is exhilarating, scary, and enlightening to some people who do it for the first time. One must travel to a skydiving facility, fill out some paperwork in which you literally sign your life away, and then jump on a plane strapped to a professional who will jump with you to ensure you do not die. Some people prefer to test the concept of skydiving by going to indoor facilities where you jump into a tube of air and feel like you are skydiving, without the pressure of the plane or the fear of dying.

In order to achieve the best results when skydiving, there are lots to consider such as the weather, visibility, and group size. Bad weather can mean visibility issues, and group sizes can be a detriment to jumpers due to the many risks involved with hitting another skydiver while reaching terminal velocity. Also, the weather can hinder a jumper’s visibility while in the air, not knowing how far they are from the ground, leading to a badly timed parachute deployment.

Though there are skydiving competitions, it has become more of a leisure activity, and if you are ever in Los Angeles, you can do skydiving Los Angeles CA. For those who delve deeper into the sport, there are hundreds of maneuvers, and many hours to learn them.


In conclusion, we provided a brief summary of what skydiving/parachuting is, and how it has become a popular activity. One thing we didn’t explain is the term “terminal velocity”. This is the maximum speed something falling can reach, so at this speed, you feel as if you are not falling, but in reality, you are falling at the fastest speed you could ever fall. Skydiving has evolved from the first time that Andre jumped off of a balloon, but now you can skydive at places nearly anywhere in the country.

Smart Tips For Finding Limos

These Are Some of the Points That You Can Use When Getting a Charter Limo Service

When you are doing the traveling one of the points that you should note is that you need a good means of transport. Note that there are many that you can use to get between destinations. You can be able to drive yourself or hire the services of a limo charter to help you with the traveling needs. When you are choosing a limo charter company, there are many points you need to put in mind.

You need to take some time to look at the amount of money that you have to pay for the services. Most people think that renting the vehicle is cheaper, but that is not the case. Note when you are doing the driving yourself, some of the things that you might have to think about are the parking money and the gas that you will use. When you do this, one of the things that you should put in mind is that you will not have to deal with the gas money as this is something that is included.

You should hire the service since it is convenient. Nothing compared to having a chauffeur drive you around. By doing this, one of the things that you should put in mind is that you will be able to avoid dealing with the stress of the road. If you are looking for a service that you can relax and enjoy then you need to get a limo service to cater for your traveling needs. By doing this, one of the things that you should do is to relax.

If money is not an issue, then get the service so that you can enjoy luxury traveling. There are many services that are offered by the limo company. At the same time, the car is comfortable and has ample space for you to relax and enjoy the ride. It is possible to get your friends to travel with together. This will make you feel good and have a good time.

The one thing that you should do is to make sure that you have gotten the ideal company to help you with this experiment. the one thing that you should put in mind is that you need to do the selection right so that they can help you out.

More Good Days are Coming to Manchester

We think it’s time for Manchester businesses to enjoy More Good Days. Let’s inspire and celebrate success, explore new opportunities and improve the working day for everyone!

Here’s What’s in Store to Help You Have More Good Days

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Too often we forget to recognise or celebrate success at work, from completing a big project, winning a new customer or finally ticking off a job on your to do list which has been there for weeks! So we want to hear all about your good days at work. Share them with us on Twitter by using #MoreGoodDaysAtWork and tagging in your business for a chance to win FREE advertising* for your company on the Manchester Media Wall – the city’s largest full-motion digital screen – or FREE coffee and cakes** for your whole team from our Good Days Squad barista.

Inspire & learn:

Workplace annoyances might seem insignificant in isolation, but – combined – they add up to a lot of lost working time. This is a big issue for the UK as it currently sits 7th in the G7 and 17th in the G20 on productivity per person, showing that these distractions could be causing a big impact.

Keep an eye out in March for our recommendations on how smarter use of technology could help the UK close this gap and a move up in the rankings.

We’ll also be sponsoring and getting involved in pro-manchester’s Hot Topic events, taking a look at how you can ‘Transform Your Business Through Innovation’ on the 1st March and discussing ways in which Virtual Reality is being adopted by businesses on 6th March. We’ll also be joining the panel during Digital Disruption to discuss what Artificial Intelligence and Robots mean for businesses in the future.

Our exclusive Inspire: Manchester17 event is taking place from 6pm on Monday 3rd April at The Lowry Hotel, where we look forward to welcoming Manchester businesses. During the evening we will be exploring what it takes to create a good day at work, from technology and connectivity to sheer perseverance. We’ll also be joined by Olympic legend, Sir Steve Redgrave who will discuss the daily dedication it takes to reach the top and share his Ultimate Good Day At Work.

How to Save Fuel and Cut Business Travel Costs

Mobility is a key part of running any business but we all know that moving around your products, stock and labour can be expensive. With fuel costs only expected to rise as we enter 2017, now more than ever should SMEs be thinking about ways they can reduce fuel use and save money when out on the road.

1. Monitor to minimise

It’s can be difficult to save fuel unless you know how much you’re using. By utilising a fuel card, SMEs can monitor fuel use and analyse where it could be saved. Most providers offer real-time reporting showing how much is being used and which drivers and vehicles are using it. Alongside this, the introduction of telematics can benefit fleets from just two or more vehicles. Essentially a ‘little black box’, telematics use GPS to send automated, paperless reports on data such as fuel use and mileage patterns, and driver timesheets. They also allow analysis of driving style to avoid harsh braking and accelerating which reduces fuel use and vehicle wear and tear.

2. Maintain, maintain, maintain

It’s important to bear in mind areas of inefficiency are not necessarily caused by poor driving or fleet mis-management. In the first instance make sure the vehicle is thoroughly checked for any issues that may be causing excess fuel consumption. This could be as simple as ensuring you have the correct tyres for your vehicles and that these are properly inflated. If tyres are underinflated by even 15 psi or one pressure bar, this can lead up to six percent greater fuel consumption. A significant amount over a year of driving.

3. Negotiate

Fuel card providers achieve savings on petrol and diesel through bulk-buying and should pass these on to their customers, allowing cheaper prices than advertised at the pump. At the time of writing, rising fuel prices are helping to push up inflation meaning everyone should be keeping tighter control of their business mileage spend. One way of being smart about fuel spend is to negotiate a rate with your fuel card provider. It’s always best to see what deal you can get to help keep costs down.

4. Be tax efficient

Using a fuel card means all mileage accrued on business journeys can be easily identified. This has the benefit of helping you to quickly and easily claim back tax on all fuel going through your business. This is the simplest and most efficient way to save 20 percent on the price of your fuel.

5. Invest in driver training

Your drivers will be confident they maintain a safe driving practice and efficient driving style. However, research has shown driver training can achieve up to 15 percent improved fuel consumption, lower CO2 emissions and an improved safety record. Telematics can analyse driver behaviour in real-time alerting fleet managers to inefficient driving habits such as harsh acceleration and braking, excessive idling and incidents of speeding. With this knowledge, fleet managers are able to invest in training for drivers where needed, ultimately leading to improved driver performance, a more efficient driving style and ultimately cost savings.

6. Incentivise

Many drivers are conscious of the need to conserve fuel and providing incentives for best practice is a great way to reward this behaviour. Knowing who is driving inefficiently allows for implementation of performance related pay structures and drivers can be rewarded for saving money behind the wheel. You could even introduce league tables with a prize for those who drive most efficiently each month.

7. Plan ahead

Route planning is key to any journey and can save you a lot of time and fuel. Plan which route to take, when it is best to travel and factor in estimated breaks. By doing this, it avoids traffic and additional fuel use. Did you know, vehicle idling for just one hour uses around two litres of fuel? This could get you 20 plus miles down the road in the average vehicle. With telematics, drivers will receive live traffic reports allowing them to navigate along the quickest route and providing them with accurate estimated times of arrival for colleagues or customers.

8. Watch where you fill up

Thanks to a captive market, motorway services can bump up prices but money can still be saved at the pump. Supermarkets generally offer the most competitive prices and at the time of writing, the big four supermarkets can be up to 5p per litre cheaper than other major suppliers. Fuel cards offer the best rates for drawing fuel as many providers have a fixed rate below the pump price allowing you to control your cash flow and see exactly where money is being spent on fuel. The top fuel cards such as UK Fuels’ Crystal fuel card offers reduced prices the more fuel you commit to.

9. Empty vehicles

It should be best practice on both business and personal journeys to only travel with what you need. For example, if you are a builder and have half a tonne of bricks in your van when they’re not needed, this will have a significant effect on vehicle performance and more importantly, fuel use. It’s always best to make a checklist of what is needed when travelling and remove any unneeded heavy goods.

10. Windows v air-con

A study from the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) shows that driving with the windows up and the air con on is typically a more fuel-efficient way to drive. This study found that when driving at 55 mph with the windows down, there’s a decrease in fuel efficiency of around 20 percent. Although using the air con also decreases fuel efficiency, cooling the air through the compressor only decreases fuel efficiency by about 10 percent. I find when driving around a residential area, having my windows is the most fuel efficient way to cool down, but at higher speeds its best to use air con – plus it’s a lot quieter!

Cheap Places to Travel From India

So when you are thinking about international Holidays, then you start immediately start thinking about how much money you need to spend if you want to go out. So, if you are here then you might be searching for cheap places to travel from India. If yes then you are in the right place In this content we are going to mention some of the places which you will really love to go.

People want and spend some of the good times in their holidays outside India to have a great time and also make sure they spend quality time with there family and friends. So we are going to come up with some of the best places to travel that to with our experience with an adventurous tour and get to know a thing about it.

Below we have mentioned some of the cheap places to travel from India.

1.      Krabi, Thailand

Krabi is one of the best places to spend your holidays. This places a white beach, Bluewater, and coral reefs too. There are many other things like scuba diving and tropical forests, so if you are choosing this place then new things will come to you.

2.      Dubai

You may be shocked to see that Dubai is in the rundown of spending places outside India. Along these lines, as a voyager, you can look past the layers of excitement and there are rich high rises and shopping centers with a 0% crime percentage which makes probably the most secure city for explorers

3.      Singapore

This is another awesome destination which you can afford in your budgets and this place is known as one of the cheapest place which we have mentioned in our article. You can visit this place to spend some of a great time with your loved once java history. There are many places around where you can spend your quality time like you can do night safari and also you can go zoo which is one of the best place in Zoo.

So, I hope you have liked our content which is on cheap places to travel from India. if you did make sure you have comment down below and thank you so much for reading do share in all your social media platform.

Tips for Road Tripping With Kids

Taking to the open road!

Road-tripping as a family is a wonderful way to explore together, but the downside of this is obviously the in-between part, when you’re driving for a long period of time and your kids can get a little bit, how shall we put it? Bored, yes bored is probably the polite way to put it!

Tantrums, over-tiredness, and boredom add up to a recipe which is a tad bit stressful to say the least, and if you want to enjoy your road trip without looking back on it and wondering how you got through it, you need to come up with a few ideas to alleviate the stressful parts, because there will be a few. The idea is to enjoy all of it as a complete trip, without simply ‘getting through’ the longer driving parts.

Thankfully, this is entirely possible, and there are many ways you can make your road trip not only great fun overall, but also educational for your little ones too.

Planning is key

Surprises are stressful, so make sure you plan your route well ahead of time, and research where you can stop to fill up your car, fun stops along the way, where you can eat, and facilities such as playgrounds and beaches, for running off a little steam.

Play games as you travel

A good way to help keep your children’s attention from driving for longer periods of time is to play games in the car. let this be a family activity, so maybe play bingo, which is not only fun to do but also helps little ones learn about numbers, and you can get a prize for the winner. Bring it up, keep the conversation flowing, get everyone involved, and make sure you play the aspects of Pantai Angsana Tanah Bumbu scenery and places you pass in your game; So the question, love ‘what is it?’, ‘what do you think about that place?’. This means you get them to experience and have an opinion on what they saw.

Map reading is functional and fun

Most of us rely on sat-nav for directions these days, and whilst that is certainly the best option to go for, an old fashioned map is a good tool for your kids to follow. You don’t need to tell them that you’re actually listening to the sat-nav, and if they think you’re relying on them to help direct you to your destination, they will have a sense of importance and develop important life skills at the same time.

Technology is a god-send

You probably won’t have Wi-Fi as you’re travelling to and from places, so make sure you load up Kindles, iPad, and tablets with games and apps before you go, ones which don’t require an Internet connection. Make sure you have an in-car charger handy too!

On top of this, a portable DVD player is a great investment for watching films. Simply buy some second hand DVDs before you head away and you’re set for a good few hours!

Give plenty of thought to your packing

We know that with kids comes the unexpected, so always think outside the box when it comes to packing for your road trip! Wet wipes are a must, as these fulfil a range of requirements, as well as pacifiers for younger children, a sunshade for the car windows, and a cool box full of juice and snacks, including fruit.

Think comfort too

Obviously at some point during the day you’re going to want to settle your kids down for a nap, and in that case they need to be comfortable. Remember to take cushions, a blanket, and if they have a favourite toy or something with which they always sleep, remember to take it with you. Unfamiliar surroundings have a habit of upsetting sleep patterns, so anything familiar and comfortable will help.

These few tips should certainly put you on the fast track to a happy and fun road trip.