Travelling With a Child Under 5 Years of Age?

Travelling With a Child Under 5 Years of Age?

Check out these five family travel blogs for helpful tips and advice

If you’re wanting to head off and travel the world, or at least some of it, with your children then you could be forgiven for not really knowing where to start. It’s not as simple as booking a flight and thinking ‘right let’s go’, because there are many pitfalls along the way if you go into this kind of adventure unprepared. The good news? Family travel can be hugely rewarding and very educational, whilst also being great fun – provided you know what you are doing!

Luckily, there are many families who have done this before, so that means they’ve experienced those pitfalls, learnt new things along the way, and can pass down this advice to you.

Here are five of the best family travel blogs for you to check out before you head off on your own adventure, particularly aimed at families with children under the age of five years.

My Little Nomads

What a great title! This is a really easy to read and chatty blog, which will pull you in immediately. It give a sense of enjoyment and points out why you should travel with your kids, and shows you how easy it can be. You’ll find lots of information on destinations and where to stay, because we all know that finding a child-friendly hotel isn’t as easy as you might think!

Around the world with Luca

A few years ago, this family decided to head off and explore the world by bike, with their two year old son, Luca. Now, there is another addition to the family on the way now, but you can read about their adventures, with helpful advice and tips. This is actually a really inspiring blog, which shows you that with a few considerations, you can travel the world however you like with a family in tow.

Suitcases and Sippy Cups

There’s a false stream of thought which says to travel around the world you have to be a family who is slightly bohemian or hippy, and that is completely incorrect. Ordinary families, just like yours and mine, we all love to travel, and this site proves that fact. You’ll find lots of tips and stories from various locations around the world, written in a funny and inspiring way.

Baby Loves to Travel

This blog explains how travelling with your little ones can be easy and fun, and whilst we know there are going to be tantrums at some stage, there are some helpful tips on how to cut them down in frequency and intensity. You’ll find product reviews too, which is helpful when deciding whether to buy a certain item to help with your travel endeavours, as well as suggestions for activities. This is a very attractive and easy to use site.

Have Baby Will Travel

You’ll find a huge range of information on this particular site, which is geared towards babies and small children in particular. Hotel reviews, destinations ideas and information, tips on packing and how to travel without stress, plus reports on the family’s own adventures – you will probably find everything you need here.