Finding Incredible Italian Cuisine In Italy

As a food enthusiast, your upcoming trip to Italy has you enormously excited, as this nation not only is responsible for one of the world’s greatest cuisines, but exhibits such a strong passion for the art of putting together a meal.  While meals tend to be merely a refueling break for many in North America, this turns into a three hour love affair in Italy, with multiple courses, many glasses of wine, and enlivening conversation.  You are not content to just eat Italian dishes in tourist centre restaurants, where the service and standard of food might not be as high as where the locals eat.  You want to eat the dishes that certain cities are famous for, in the hidden alcoves where local residents eat when they wish to take a break from the kitchen for a night.  By joining them on their own turf, you will gain a unique dining experience.  Here’s some awesome food to keep an eye out for on your trip through the decadent foods of Italy…

1.  Seafood Risotto, Venice

Situated on the Adriatic Sea, Venice has a lot of great seafood dishes worth your time.  One that you definitely must try before leaving the city of canals is go risotto, a rice/cheese dish flavoured by a gently prepared fish broth.  This dish is expertly prepared by the chefs and cooks at Trattoria Da Romano, a restaurant on the island of Burano in the Venice area.  Visited and profiled by Anthony Bourdain himself, they produce a dining experience that will make your trip to Venice worthwhile for this meal alone!

2. Tortellini and Lasagne, Bologna

This Italian city is famed for birthing many well-known pasta dishes, Tortellini and Lasagne standing out among them.  Sample the former at Bravo Caffe as one of many delectable courses, as its Tortellini will please your taste buds stuffed with sharp cheeses and market fresh meats.  For the best lasagne in the city, you’ll want to have it cooked like your mother would do it (if your mother was Italian, that is).  Dine at a homestay affiliated with the Home Food program in Bologna, and you’ll get an intensely flavoured, crisp lasagne that will have you seriously questioning the schlock that gets passed off at this deliciously meaty treat back home.

3. Neapolitan Pizza, Naples

It’s pizza that has conquered the world from end to end, and it has its origins here in Naples, Italy.  Traditional Neapolitan pizza has crust so thin that it melts in your mouth as you savour all the fresh tomato, aged cheese and cured meat ingredients contained on top of the slice you are consuming.  The best place in Naples to have this religious experience would have to be Pizzeria Di Matteo.  After placing your order, and a mere 60-90 seconds in the stone oven, a soupy pie delivered straight from heaven will arrive at your table, where you then have a choice: knife and fork, or quad folded (a pie folded twice over)?  Bill Clinton dined here back in 1994, so you’ll know your choice of restaurant is sound even before you dig into your saucy mess of a pie!

Read Also – Best things to do in Semarang. In Italy, you cannot really go wrong when it comes to food. To heighten your gastronomic experience though, it does pay to seek out regional specialties wherever you happen to be visiting, so don’t be shy: wander off the tourist track, and ask questions.  You may end up having the meal of a lifetime as a result!