We know you’ve been asking for them, so here they are! These are some of the authors you can expect to see throughout the some or all of the issues of Survival Quarterly Magazine.

Karen Hood
Karen Hood is the Survival Quarterly Magazine publisher, owner, and editor in chief. She has more than 20 years experience in the Wilderness Survival industry and is an acclaimed video producer and personality, with 28 Hoods Woods survival videos under her hat, more than a dozen of which have won coveted Telly Awards. She owns and runs, Hoods Woods, Survival Quarterly Magazine, and is always working to expand her umbrella of successful survival-related businesses! You can learn more about her, follow her blog, and shop at her online store at

David Williams, USMC
Gunnery Sergeant David Williams AKA Norseman, is a career US Marine who has been involved in outdoor activities for most of his life. Gunny has trained and operated with many foreign and domestic military and special operations units around the world. Currently he is a military survival instructor and spends most of his waking hours rediscovering the skills of the woodsmen of old.

Mykel Hawke
Mykel Hawke was born in KY and raised in the South as an Army dependent. He served from ’82-’11, as a Special Forces Medic, Communicator, Intelligence Sergeant First Class and retired as an S.F. Captain as a combat veteran of many wars. Mykel has been teaching survival since 1994 with his company, He has 4 books published, been featured in 1 book about war in Africa, been in many magazines for survival, soldiers and war, featured in 1 movie as a survival expert and worked for over a decade in over a dozen shows for survival, military and leadership. You can visit him at

Joshua Swanagon
Joshua Swanagon is the Survival Quarterly Magazine Associate Editor and Art Director. He grew up in Denver, Colorado and has studied survival both in the city and the wilderness for most of his life. With years of martial arts training and teaching experience under Garner Train, Joshua with a few partners has put together the Urban Defense Institute, a reality based self-defense program for men and Safety Takes Brains, an associated program for women. You can contact Joshua at or check out their websites at or where you can also purchase his book on women’s self-defense and situational awareness.

Jeff Fleming
Jeff Fleming is not a licensed investment advisor, but a business owner, former Marine, a free market capitalist, father of boys, and husband to a patient and beautiful woman. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Washington and Master of Arts degree from San Diego State University. You can contact Jeff for more information at

David Wescott
David Wescott is an outdoor educator from Rexburg, Idaho. He has been a part of the “survival industry” for well over 40 years. Starting professionally with Larry Dean Olsen in 1970, Dave has been the owner of Boulder Outdoor Survival School, and currently owns Backtracks, the hosts of Rabbitstick, Winter Count and Woodsmoke skills gatherings. He is the editor of the Bulletin of Primitive Technology and Primitive Technology volumes 1 and 2, and author of Camping In The Old Style. His skills range from making do with sticks and rocks, to most modern outdoor living techniques…that is, anything that doesn’t require batteries to survive.

Luke Swenson
Luke Swenson is a 38 year old professional firefighter for the city of San Antonio, TX (15 years) He is married to the love of his life, Kimberly since 1991 and they have a beautiful angel daughter Madelyn, who just started middle school. He is a custom Knifemaker and is very close with the Hood Family and really wants to live in Idaho. His website is:

Joe Flowers
Joe lives in the mountains of North Carolina. Following his love for animals and the outdoors, Joe got a B.S. in Zoology from NC State with a minor and concentration in Entomology. In pursuit of his passions such as reptiles, amphibians, machetes, and bugs, Joe has traveled from the deserts of Utah all the way down to Peru in search of Bushcraft skills, friendly people, and not so friendly creepy crawlies. Joe also writes professionally for many outdoor and nature magazines, designs and consults for knife companies, and makes videos on the side for fun. Joe also works at a non-profit center when he isn’t writing, where he teaches survival classes, fitness, and coordinating youth activities for his community. He also has an affinity for Godzilla movies. You can visit him at

Johnny Tsai
Waysun Johnny Tsai is a certified Police Combatives Trainer, publlished book and DVD author, knife and tactical pen designer and founder of CUMA Tactical Street Defense.
For more information on Waysun Johnny Tsai or for booking CUMA Tactical Street Defense seminars please visit, or email

Limey Pete
Limey Pete (no one but he knows his real name) hails from Britain. He travels to the US when the weather isn’t too bad and rides the rails. He’s the author of a fascinating book on train riding, The Black Book of Train Riding. It’s chock full of cool urban survival tricks and addresses the topic from the viewpoint of a bum… He tells things the way they are. It’s very readable. If you want to contact him, join the Hoodlums forum and send him a PM.

Patrick Farneman
Patrick Farneman grew up in the school of the outdoors backpacking, fishing and hiking, and he also has more formal education than he cares to admit sometimes. He has been practicing the skills of our ancestors for nearly 30 years, and has been teaching them at workshops and international gatherings for over 15 years. He is proficient with many of the old skills and crafts. Patrick is a founding board member of Bridges to the Past, a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing people together through ancestral skills, cultural and environmental awareness. He has a deep love for his family, the outdoors & the environment, and a thirst for adventure. For more information please visit the Bridges to the past website at: and for comments feel free to email Patrick at:

Peter Burlingame
Peter Burlingame is President of Self Defense Initiative, LLC. He grew up woods bumming in the beautiful Mid-Hudson Valley of New York. He developed a self reliant attitude early, living in a rural area. This stood him in good stead while dealing with hurricanes and their aftermaths. Peter is a graduate of Gunsite, Lethal Force Institute, Thunder Ranch, Executive Protection Institute, Heckler and Koch, and Bonderant School of High Performance Driving . He has been teaching LE, security, and civilians gunfighting and self defense for over 2 decades. He is also a member of, and has taught at international training conferences for IALEFI, ILEETA, AWSDA, and ASLET. He may be reached at

Curtis Fidler
Curtis Fidler knows the Hoods Woods videos inside and out, and writes the Study Guides for Survival Quarterly Magazine. As well as being a fan of and contributor to all things Hoods Woods, Curtis is well versed in primitive technologies, such as flint knapping, and bow making. He is an extremely valuable member of the Survival Quarterly team, and we are glad to have him here. To contact Curtis, join the Hoodlums forum and send him a PM.

Reuben Bolieu
Writer, photographer, adventurer, and martial arts trainer (Muay Thai), Reuben has spent 30 years hiking and backpacking through the wildernesses of California, Nevada, and Arizona: often with an air of extreme discipline towards his super Ultralight gear. He has traveled abroad in extreme environments, from the cold climate of Alaska and New Zealand to the desert heat of Egypt. He continues studying primitive techniques in survival and the construction and uses of knives and edged tools from places such as the South Pacific, Australia, New Zealand, South America, and numerous countries in Asia. Reuben has published many articles on knife use, Bushcraft, shelters, and remains a lifetime student of survival.